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Why choose between your datacenter and the cloud?
Get both with a hybrid cloud solution

The best of both worlds

Your business requires a flexible infrastructure that can scale on demand. It needs to empower users while keeping IT in control and meeting your organization’s standards for security and compliance.

A hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds, so you can take advantage of external resources when it makes sense for your business and enable greater business mobility.

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Your data lives on-premises, but your experiences live in the cloud – so you don’t miss out on what cloud innovation has to offer.

  • Seamless Integration

    All of the control you expect from an on-premises deployment, with all of the new experiences Office 365 offers. A hybrid cloud with Office 365 helps you meet changing business needs with greater flexibility.
  • Modern Collaboration

    Easily move workloads from your datacenter to Office 365 and open the door to new cloud innovations such as Microsoft Power BI and Delve. Your data is accessible anytime, anywhere, from nearly any device and platform.
  • Maximize IT

    Extend and enhance the infrastructure you already have. Do more through the new features, technologies, and solutions offered by Office 365.
  • Ready for the Hybrid Cloud

    The latest versions of SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, and Azure Active Directory Premium are all built for the hybrid cloud.

"The key benefit to Microsoft Azure is that you can get more value out of your on-premises investment. We’ve spent years building our reservation system, and we can extend it by adding new features in the cloud."

Bert Craven

Enterprise Architect Manager


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"With our hybrid solution, employees search both our on-premises and online SharePoint environments to find content, without knowing or caring where the documents are located."

Jon Junell

Western Washington University

Assistant Director, Communications and Technology

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"Having a hybrid solution greatly improves the search experience for our employees and makes them more valuable to our clients, because we always have straightforward, accelerated access to relevant information."

Shehan Warusavithana


Vice President of Technology

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